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Smartwatch Insights: Unveiling Early Signs of PTSD post-October 7 Events

Our brilliant scientists, Prof Dan Yamin and Prof Erez Shmueli, together with their research team, have just published this groundbreaking article titled: ‘Risk and early signs of PTSD in people indirectly exposed to October 7 events’

The coordinated terrorist attacks on October 7, 2023, resulted in catastrophic atrocities, and marked the beginning of the 2023 Israel-Hamas war. The overwhelming coverage by mainstream and social media, characterized by extreme details and graphic images, vividly transported viewers to the horrifying scene.

The research unveiled compelling evidence highlighting the traumatic impact of the events of October 7th, comparing them to previous occurrences dating back to February 2021. This analysis draws from a dataset of over 750,000 daily reports from participants and from continuous monitoring of smartwatch sensors.

The findings illustrate:

  1. A substantial increase in stress levels following the recent events, surpassing the impact of previous military conflicts and of political demonstrations.

  2. Correlation between habits like sleep quality, physical activity, and the effects of October 7th.

  3. Considerable differences in stress, mood, step counts, sleep quality, and duration in the first week after the October 7 events among those who later developed PTSD.

  4. An unprecedented amplifying effect of mass media on mental health in terror and war settings

  5. The potential of continuous monitoring for early detection and prompt treatment of those in need.

This research sheds light on crucial aspects that influence our collective well-being during tumultuous times.


The full article can be found here:   MedrXive

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