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Wise solutions for migraine management

Wise solutions for
migraine management

Through daily migraine forecasts and personalized insights  

Our mobile application Migraine Predict is designed to help migraine sufferers gain greater control over their condition and improve their quality of life. By monitoring signals from a smartwatch, Migraine Predict forecasts with high accuracy whether the next day will be migraine-free or if a migraine attack is likely. This AI-based forecasting allows users to plan ahead, adjust their schedule, and take proactive steps to manage their condition.


Improved quality of life, with early alerts


Reduced anxiety and stress associated with the unpredictability of migraines.


Allow for early adjusting of day plans and avoiding embarrassing situations.


It is more effective to take proactive measures earlier to lessen the effects of migraines.


Improved relationships with loved ones, with fewer unexpected disruptions to plans or activities.

Migraine can disrupt every aspect of a person’s life

woman with migraine

Migraines can significantly impact a person's quality of life, causing pain, fatigue, and other debilitating symptoms that can last for hours or even days.

The unpredictable nature of migraines can make it difficult to plan ahead or make commitments, leading to feelings of frustration and isolation.

Living with migraines can be mentally exhausting, as the fear and anxiety of the next attack can constantly weigh on a person's mind.

The lack of control over when a migraine attack occurs can have negative impacts on a person's career, social life, and relationships with loved ones.


People globally suffer from migraines

People in the U.S. suffer from migraines 


1 in 4

Affected households in the U.S.


Economic burden of migraine in the U.S.


Guy Attar
Chief Executive Officer

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Prof. Erez Shmueli
 Chief Technology Officer

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Prof. Dan Yamin

Chief Science Officer

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Our Team

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Prof. Avraham Almozlino
Medical Advisor

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 Prof. Gal Ifergane
Medical Advisor

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Mark Ragusa

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Jeff Greenberg
Medical Advisor

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Our mission

Our vision

is a future where digital health technologies, powered by advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence, play a significant role in promoting individuals' wellbeing and health. These technologies will enable personalized treatments, ranging from behavioral interventions to personalized medicine, to improve patient outcomes.

Is to pioneer research and development in digital health technologies that facilitate continuous monitoring, early detection and early treatment of health issues. Our solutions aim to reduce illness, enhance quality of life, and empower people to take preventive measures.
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